Solaris Ark

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What is Solaris Ark?

Solaris Ark (SA) is an immersive and highly-engaging virtual reality (VR) world complete with its very own economy. Individuals and businesses in Solaris Ark can sustain and grow wealth in its virtual cities and in real life, by participating in activities that result in real-world benefits including financial gain and entertainment.

Solaris DC is the inaugural city in Solaris Ark.

Key features of Solaris Ark

Holistic digital city
Fully integrated digital economy
Opportunities for entertainment, adventure and other interactions
Participation in activities that translate to real-world gains.

Key concepts:


Solarians use a unique currency called SOL for all financial transactions. SOL can be exchanged with real-world money and may be de-centralised when the value of SOL currency has matured.

Singularity of Records:

The application of the Singularity concept for banking, records and transaction to streamline all interaction. This will reduce costs, increase efficiency and convenience.

Digital Equity/Wealth (DEW) concept and mechanics:

There are no physical assets or equity in Solaris Ark. A participant’s wealth in Solaris Ark is represented by the amount of DEW tokens they hold. DEW tokens (unique to each specific equity) and their values will be directly derived from real- world opportunities (RWO).

RWO => tokens(SA) => DEW(SA)
RWO => DEW tokens (SA)

Digital assets and real estate:

Solaris Ark is a virtual 3D environment, complete with maps, landscapes and building structures. It contains digital infrastructure to allow investment into its digital real estate structures. Solaris Ark also supports advance vision for a VR experience.

Real financial returns:

Solaris Ark provides opportunities for new markets, jobs, tasks and activities that can provide individuals and businesses with tangible income and wealth that is translatable to real-world financial benefits.

Social Status mechanics:

Solaris Ark will have social status mechanics that encourage DEW advancement, promote social connection and entertain its citizens.


Solaris Ark operates a reward system called ‘Activity Reward Keys’ (ARK), featuring the ARKCOIN crypto-currency, is based on the Ethereum Platform.

ARKCOIN will provide both an increase in value of the Solaris Ark economy and provide extra financial flexibility to all Solarians.

ARKCOIN is a separate system to SOL. While SOL is the base currency for transactions in Solaris Ark, ARKCOIN is a reward system within Solaris Ark.

Mechanics & Features:

1. Digital Currency (non-crypto) SOL => base currency for all transaction in Solaris Ark.

2. Universal streamline of records, transaction and ledger system (singularity, non-commercial). Future advancement to a singular digital records and ledger system, operating with a decentralised currency that is SOL. One central exchange and services of records and accounting.

3. Sol-Dex (Solaris Digital Equity Exchange): An asset listing market in the Solaris Ark environment that converts each (and all) real-world opportunities into a unique and specific derivative for Solarian to purchase/trade/hold in the form of DEW tokens.

4. Virtual real estate: Lease, rent, invest and purchase virtual land, spaces, buildings, and structures within the VR landscape of Solaris Ark.

5. Digital Asset Registry (DAR): A public registry of all conversions, derivatives and real-world assets that have been digitalised and of all newly-created digital assets.

6. Sol-FiD (Fiduciary Services): Public trustee services that secure all real-world assets and retain ownership of those real- world assets for the Solaris Ark digital economy.

7. Ad-space: Commercial advertising activities. This is a social advertising platform that will allow Solarians to earn income from watching and interacting with product advertisements or other paid interactions.

8. Ark-cast: A video sharing platform that allows Solarian to watch video or movie content together, simultaneously, in a virtual space. Ark-cast is both a place for group entertainment and an earning platform for those watching and interacting with commercial advertisements or paid interactions.

9. Citizenship: Citizenship Unique identification, Housing, Postal Addresses.

10. Status: Solarians can earn status within Solaris Ark through reward activities, leaderships and ranking members within different houses or colonies. A system of official titles and privileges is recognised within Solaris Ark.

11. Crypto-currency ARKCOIN will be given as a reward to encourage citizenship, leadership, social activities and contribution to Solaris Ark.


Solaris Ark supports an interactive and immersive interface through user interaction features including mobile app, touch navigation, browser click navigation, chat box, chat channels, and virtual 3D structure models and environments.

Navigation is enabled through a helicopter view and movement over the landscape, and shortcuts to activities, maps, regions, search, virtual kiosks and services.

Art Style:

Modern, Current, Digital Bias theme.

Style and design of individual landscapes and structures will be dependent on the owner of that digital asset or space. Empty spaces contain holographic placeholders. Functional structures are detailed with the inclusion of surrounding landscape.


Haptic feedback, tap sound feedback. No theme or background music.


Age: Multiple, platform specifics
Gender: Neutral
Interests: Entertainment, Business, Earnings, Technology, Lifestyles, progressive, Modern, Hip, Imaginative, Adventurous, escapist, opportunist.

Development Roadmap / Launch Criteria:

Platform: Steam/Google Play/iOS/Web.
First tour November 2018
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